Football Betting Strategy

Many Footballs
Handicap betting is a massive underused market for football betting, so we have highlighted times where you need to be using it. We’ve tried to get creative with this to show you exactly when best to get on the handicap and what types of teams you want to be targeting.
Man with thumbs down holding a football
We take a look at some of the worst football bets that you can place. The ones that the bookmakers want you to bet on because it makes them the most, but that work out as terrible value for the punter.
Goalkeeper Save
One of the least utilised bets in the industry for football, the “under” bet is a wager that time has forgotten - but is it justified? We look to see if it can offer any value and if so, what sort of matches should you be targeting.
Tournament Schedule
We’ve looked at the match betting odds and the team to qualify odds for a few cup games, and worked out which market is better to take in different scenarios. Given the rules for each bet are very different, there were some interesting results with this one.
Half Time
We take a look at an extensive amount of data on teams winning at half time and work out the best bets to place and when. This include basic data on the frequency of half time/full time bets, and uses these same results to bet on lines that most bettors won’t have considered.
Disappointed Football Player
Picking the teams that are likely to get relegated is actually quite tough, especially in the lower leagues. We apply statistical data to highlight which types of teams are most susceptible to going down so that you can b more informed when you make your picks.
Football Fans Celebrate Goal
We look at how to identify teams that are in the pot for promotion from the lower leagues, and also explain strategies that allow you to choose teams with a realistic chance of going up but at longer odds so you make more money.
Grow Money
Over 0.5 is a popular bet for accumulator punters and we wanted to look more into whether or not this betting system actually worked. We examine the processes people use to try and manipulate the market and ultimately, why many of them fail.
Home Team Advantage
It's commonly said that the home team has the advantage over the away team, with certain grounds labelled 'fortresses' and certain teams infamous for being tricky to beat on home turf. But how much of this is actually backed up by the statistics?
Football transfer concept
The headlines love a high profile new signing and the bookmakers pay attention to them too. The right players can change the fortunes of a club or be just that extra ingredient the team needed to win silverware. But does money spent equal success?
Group qualification by country
When betting on cup games the difference between these two bet types can be crucial. They both have their uses, but there are some scenarios that make one much better value than the other. Find out when you should take either option in this article.
Bookmaker Odds
If you always use the same bookmaker for all of your bets then you may not be walking away with as many net wins as you potentially could. Odds can vary a surprising amount from one bookmaker to another, so it's important to get as close to the best price as you can to maximise any winnings.
Football Jackpot
This old football betting game may be less prominent than it once was, but the age of the internet has given it new life. For very small stakes there are some huge prizes on offer for the winner, so a football jackpot is worth your consideration.
Chelsea Win the League
Many major football leagues are dominated by just a few big teams, leaving very little value on the table when it comes to outright betting on the league winner. So what can be done to improve your horizons when betting on these markets?
Scoring a Goal
One of the toughest markets to call in the sector, but also one of the most rewarding if you know enough about the players in each team and can spot a betting opportunity that has been priced lazily.
Football data
Not everyone is aware of expected goals as it is a relatively new statistical tool, but as you will see, it is also one of the most useful and a great place to start from when doing some research or looking for a bet that has value if your usual market isn't putting much on the table.
Football Money
We look at how cash out betting fares when compared to the more ‘traditional’ way of laying your bet on an exchange. We factor in things like commission from the exchange, but also the added overround that you pay when you cash out.
Footballers Shake Hands
The draw is a betting market that is often very much overlooked. We dive a little deeper to see why so few people bet on it and if there is any value to be had from this unappreciated market.
Lay Betting Stake
In this article we look at what options you have if you want to bet against a team. This is when you think a team will not win a certain match. We’ve included a range of markets and bet types that might work well with this sort of strategy.
Cash Out
Cash out betting is, without doubt, one of the bookmaker's most successful betting tools, and it has made a huge impact on the industry over the last decade. But if so many bookies are so keen to include it, there must be something in it for them, right? Right!
Football Fans
Given the slight delay between an event taking place in a game and a bookmaker updating their live odds in response, is there a betting advantage to be gained from actually being at the game in question and betting online from inside the stadium? Find out here.
Cup Winner
A nice early outright bet on a cup or competition winner can boast very attractive odds before it has begun, but with such a long way to go to see your bet through, are there any ways to improve your chances in this area? Of course there are.
Goal Scored
This is a market that is notoriously difficult to call, and even experts struggle to get it right consistently. But by using a few of the strategies outlined here, you can improve your chances from one bet to another, and hopefully your net wins over the long term.
Up and Down Arrows of Money
It can be tough to call how well newly promoted or relegated teams are going to play in the following season. There’s often a lot of expectation on both, and whilst some will take the challenge and prosper others will fail and dramatically so.
0-0 Scoreline
In this article we will be looking at two interesting markets in the 0-0 correct score and the no goalscorer. You may think that they both are essentially the same, but there are certain rules that are applied to the no goalscorer market that means it’s much better value.
Betting Exchange
We settle the debate between betting exchanges and fixed odds betting to see which of the two offers the best value. We look at multiple different examples and with it then highlight which bet types work best and in what situations.
Injured Player
One of the key areas with football betting is knowing which players are starting for each team. Injuries and suspensions both happen, but when players return, we look at how long it takes them to bed back into the team and how this should affect betting odds as a result.