Female Footballers Dead Heat
Although no where near as popular as the men's game women's football is quickly becoming a sport in its own right, with increased media coverage and professional wages being paid. It can also be a good place to have a punt if you know what to look for.
Premier League Symbol
If you like to get your money's worth then outright betting could be for you. This is the longest form of footballing betting there is, usually running for an entire league or competition before it is settled. However, there is also a crafty way to secure a net win from outright bets much earlier.
Live betting online
In play betting changed the face of gambling when it was introduced, and brought with it an influx of previously unavailable betting opportunities and features that are now synonymous with online sports betting. Learn how to make the best of it in here.
Live Streaming Sport
As a fan, watching live football is an exciting and atmospheric experience, but as a bettor you have even more invested in the outcome. Live streaming gives you the best of both worlds, providing a stream of the match itself built into the betting interface.
Football Coupon
The football coupon has been part and parcel of the betting industry since 1923, but it is now more varied than ever with a multitude of different spins on the original concept proving eternally popular with punters and bookies alike.
Football linesman
If you have ever been caught out by the 90 minute rule or the like, you will know that it stings. It pays to have an understanding of the general football betting rules, and we have covered the most prominent ones nice and briefly here, with links to more in-depth articles included.
Football Betting
This exhaustive list of all regularly available football bet types is broken down into categories with each bet explained fully yet succinctly. It's the perfect betting aid if you are looking to find new markets to bet on, or want to double check how one of them works.
Each Way Betting
Each way betting is not often associated with football, but those who don't use it at the most opportune moments are missing a trick. There aren't a great number of football markets available for each way betting, but you should definitely know about those that are.
Footballers Jostling Dead Heat
It isn't widely associated with football betting, but a dead heat is certainly a possibility within a couple of football betting markets, and none more so than the top goalscorer. If you think you might ever bet on a top goalscorer market it behooves you to understand the dead heat rules, and you will find them explained here.
Football betting on tablet
Otherwise known as an acca, accumulator bets offer a huge potential return for a pretty low stake, and they are equally popular with the bettors and the bookies for this reason. This article will explain exactly what they are and how they work.
Cancelled Football Match
When you have put time and effort into your bets and researched the teams involved, it is something of a kick in the teeth for the game you are betting on not to go ahead. More importantly, what happens to your bet in these situations?
Bet builder Phone
This is pretty much the only way to make a multiples bet using selections from the same match and instantly see the odds, but how do they work and are they good value?
Coral Football Jackpot
This popular market from Coral has proved popular thanks to its relative ease and the chance to win huge sums of money for a fairly small stake.
Goals Galore
Football is all about goals so this betting market was an instant hit when it was dreamed up back in 2009. It's available in one form or another at many bookmakers these days, and we will explain how it is best utilised.
Betting Exchange 2
Betting exchanges didn't exist before Betfair came along in 1999/2000 and disrupted the market, but now there are a number of them in operation, offering punters the chance to become their own bookmaker and potentially take home bigger net wins.
Many Footballs
A handicap or Asian handicap applied to a bet can make previously unattractive odds much more appealing. For games where there is a short priced favourite the handicap is many bettors go to market to create value.