10Bet Review

10bet have been about since 2003 and in that time have seen a pretty slow rise in the industry if we are being honest. Whilst they don’t have the backing and heritage away from the online sector as some its competitors, the site has continued to improve, especially over the last couple of years with an increase in betting markets and redesign for their site.

For a UK punters perspective, the site is based in the UK, which is pretty rare these days due to the masses being based offshore. Whilst this doesn’t have a huge effect on what you can and can’t bet on, it does mean they have to adhere to slightly stricter regulations, which is a positive from a bettor’s point of view.

Odds and Markets

10Bet Football Betting

As football is the sites biggest sport, it means that the depth in both odds and markets that are on offer is increased. Their pricing structure has always been one that’s pretty decent and whilst we won’t go as far as saying that they are the best, we would say they’re about as solid as you’ll find. Many professional football bettors use 10bet within their betting armoury, which speaks volume we think.

The nature of their site means that they are going to be pretty erratic in their betting odds. This may sound a little obscure, but what we mean by this is that you’re going to find times their prices are great and also times they aren’t so great.

Whilst the Premier League will be one of the biggest markets for them, we actually found them to work best with lower league football, such as League 1 and League 2. We aren’t sure about the reasoning behind this to be honest, but it does offer a different avenue for punters to utilise within the site.

For example, we conducted a fair amount of research within the bookmaker and compared them to other sites. A typical game would be the one between that of Manchester united and West Brom, as highlighted below. As you can see, for all three bets from the Win-Draw-Win market, they aren’t best priced in any, but they aren’t the worst.

Man United Draw West Brom
Betfair 1.2 7.5 19
BetVictor 1.2 7 19
Unibet 1.2 7.4 17.5
Betfred 1.2 7.5 17
10Bet 1.19 7 17.3
888Sport 1.19 7 17
Coral 1.18 7 19
Betway 1.18 7.5 17
Paddy Power 1.17 7.5 15

Whilst we realise that this is a bit of a sweeping statement and a very small sample size, we found this to run true for most of the games that we looked at.

The game below is a League 1 tie between Rochdale and Oldham. As you can see, 10bet are best priced on the Rochdale win and not a million miles behind with either the draw bet or an Oldham victory, although the latter has a wider margin.

Rochdale Draw Oldham
10Bet 1.95 3.4 3.9
Betway 1.95 3.5 3.8
BetVictor 1.92 3.5 4.1
Betfair 1.91 3.6 4.2
Betfred 1.91 3.5 4
888Sport 1.9 3.45 3.95
Unibet 1.9 3.45 3.95
Paddy Power 1.83 3.5 4

In none of the markets that we tested for any of the English leagues did we find 10bet to be worst or joint-worst price in any match. This is actually pretty impressive as even when we were comparing we found that some of the bigger, higher profile names were down there for a least a couple.

Their market coverage is fairly good with around 95 games for Premier League games and with it around 75 for lower league games, down to League 2. This number is a little lower than a lot of their competitors, but we didn’t feel as though you are going to be missing out on anything.

The main differences come from the more niche types of markets. The biggest omittance that we noticed was a lack in any depth of any Asian Handicap markets, especially for that of the results market. It does have some offerings, but they aren’t all that impressive to be honest.

Obviously as you work down the leagues the number of markets drop, but this is normal with all bookmaker, so certainly not a negative mark. Overall, the coverage will be fine for a vast majority of punters. There shouldn’t be too many issues, but if you are looking for that extra yard from your bookie then there could be better alternatives for you.

International Football

What’s been impressive to see from 10bet is their ability to cater for a huge range of football punters. Due to the easy access of leagues such as Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Span and Bundesliga in German – thanks Sky Sports! – it means that we are much more knowledgeable about what goes on in each league.

Bookmakers have recognised this and now offers dozens of leagues from around the world, with 10bet betting no different. In fact, they offer access to leagues and tournaments in over 65 countries around the world, which is about as comprehensive a coverage as you’re going to find. Games from Bolivia, Cyprus, El Salvador, Guatemala, Singapore and Venezuela are just some of the more niche, to give you an idea of how comprehensive their range is.

What’s the most impressive feature is how in depth they are. I know what you’re thinking, that they offer these games with say 1 or 2 markets to bet on. But, they don’t. The Bolivian Premiera league for example has games with over 50 markets on offer. Even the El Salvador games have over 20 markets in total, which is awesome. Kudos to 10bet here!

Key Features

Pulse Betting

10Bet Pulse BettingAs bookies have such a wide reach of games on offer, it often comes down to the more unusual markets to really set them aside from each other.

In the meat of the markets, it all looks pretty similar. But their recent venture into Pulse Bet is one that really caught our eye.

So, Pulse Bet is essentially where you place a bet for a goal to be scored within a certain amount of time within that game. You can choose to place this bet at any period within the first or the second half of a football match. As the bet winds on the amount you can win goes up. Each bet is split into three brackets, labelled as the 1st Period, 2nd Period and the 3rd Period.

If a goal is scored in the 3rd Period then this is referred to as a jackpot win, meaning you win bigger. A typical example might be:

Goal in the next 30 seconds. 1st Period is 14 seconds. 2nd Period is 15-24 second, paying double 1st period. 3rd Period is last 5 seconds, paying double the 2nd Period.

What’s been great about this is that it’s a completely new feature to the betting industry and not something that we’ve come across before. Given how saturated the industry is right now, these things are rare, so again, fair play to 10bet for taking the initiative and making it happen.


10bet add2betAdd2Bet is another new feature to hit the shelves at 10bet. It’s similar to edit your bet that a number of bookies are currently offering. The process is actually very simple; if you have an open bet you can choose to add in bets to add to the potential payout.

For example, you’ve bet on a single game. At half time they are 1-0 and looking good, but you decide to add in another selection. This will then take the cash out price for your bet and create a double adding in your extra selection. You don’t need to add any more money other than your original stake and can be a great way to build up your bet.

We actually found this feature really good fun to use on a Sunday as games are pretty staggered. Instead of placing an accumulator bet, we simply chose one selection and if it went well, added in where needed. We don’t think that this was necessarily the most efficient or profitable way of doing it, but it certainly added in an entertainment factor, which is what it’s all about.

Cash Out

10bet cash outThe cash out functionality at 10bet has been a popular feature for a while now. It’s one of the better systems that we have tested and whilst it’s tough to really compare price given the speed at which they change and the original odds, they seem to be thereabouts with other bookies starting with similar prices.

What’s great about cash out is that you’re able to use partial cash out as well. This means that you can simply lock in a return for half of your cash out price (or whatever percentage you like) and let the rest run.

The only thing to note with this is that there is no immediate indication of if a game will be available to be used with cash out. Generally, you will find that most in-play bets are cash out friendly, but we’ve seen that this isn’t always the case.

In Play Betting

10Bet In-Play Football

The live betting section at 10bet is one of our favourite features on the site. First off, the design is slightly different to that of the regular bookmaker section and it’s much more streamlined, which is great. The pace of this section takes a step up from regular betting markets, so the slimmer version really improves usability.

We’re big fans of the design of the site on a whole, so his just carries over to the live betting section as well. The overview of games can seem like there is a lot going on, but in fairness, there is! They include a huge range of games to pick from and whilst we don’t know exact percentages, we would say that the number of games that turn live is huge. As you can see from the screenshot above, you’ve got La Liga games with over 80 markets to bet on, with the Premier League seeing even higher numbers.

10Bet Live Match Betting

The section really comes alive when you jump inside the markets though. They have a fairly common three-tier set up, with other games down the left, markets for your match through the middle and stats on the right-hand side, along with your bet slip. You’re also able to collapse all the sports and markets on the left if you like, which we liked as it can get quite messy, especially on Saturday afternoons. Simply favourite the games you’re looking at and this will be pinned to the top offering a much cleaner looking page.

Market coverage, as we’ve mentioned is really good. All the regulars are there, but we were intrigued to see a range of markets that were things like “What will happen in the next 1 minute” and Next 1 minute” type markets. You can choose different events for the first part or choose yes and no for things like a goal, penalty or a corner.

10Bet Live Fast Betting Markets

The match centre at the top right is pretty good and keeps you up to date with goings on within the match. It offers quite a bit of info actually, and not just who’s got the ball, but also fairly accurately where on the pitch. It can be quite tense watching this as the last leg of your accumulator bet is coming in!


The stats section at 10bet is utilising the Sports Radar software. It’s actually a software that we weren’t all that familiar with to be honest as not many of the bigger bookies seem to use it, so we were quite excited to test it out.

First impressions were excellent and after just a few minutes thought that it was probably the best stats software on the market at the minute. It starts with an overview of each team and their recent form. It gives head to head information on how they have seen past games go, along with highest win, total goals and average goals per match, all handy bits of info.

10Bet Match Stats

As you move down it starts to really work into the details of the info, showing you the last 6 meetings between the two teams, including score lines and information on those games. Again, more detailed info proceeds with last match data and even upcoming matches, a vital part of betting that often people forget about!

Next up you see the individual player statistics, such as top goalscorers, most assists, most card and injuries for each team. Finally, you get to a full season overview of this league position and then a bit of data on the amount of goals, all geared towards betting markets such as over/under 2.5 goals etc.

We are that impressed by this statistics section in that even if you aren’t going to use 10bet for your bets, you can use them to get some vital information, which is all totally free of charge as well.

Limits and Banking

The payout limit at 10bet is that of £100,000 per bet for football. The bad news is that this is a pretty low amount in the grand scheme of these bets. But, the good news is that it seems to be a blanket payout in that it applies to all bet with no scale on it.

So, what you normally get is a max payout of some kind for Premier League and then this amount is reduced for lower leagues, such as Championship, League 1 and League 2. It means that the £100,000 max payout at 10bet will actually be much higher than a lot of firms for lower league football, but relatively small for that of Premier League.

Deposit methods at 10bet are fairly standard in that you get a decent number of options, including debit cards, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller from the e-wallets, but also prepaid cards, such as Paysafecard as well. Minimum deposits start from as little as £10.


10bet might just be the surprise bookmaker of the year. Before coming into this review, it had admittedly been a fair while since we last crossed paths, but from our findings so far, pretty much everything has been positive.

The design has to the be biggest improvement for us and its gone from something very 2005 to be brought right up to date with the high standard of bookmaker designs these days.

But, it’s more than just a pretty face and you wouldn’t grumble if you were using 10bet as your one and only bookmaker. We think that it would work well as part of a makeup of bookmakers that you use, but either way, it’s been an impressive visit back to the brand and hopefully they are able to keep pushing an improving.