Goals Galore

The Goals Galore market is a relatively new football accumulator that is sweeping the nation. Instead of trying to pick the correct result on your accumulator, this market allows bettors to simply choose games where thy think both teams will score. If they do, then it goes down as a win for the bettor. By working the same as an accumulator bet the more games you select the higher the odds and pay-outs will be. It’s often thought that it’s a much easier market to select games where both teams will score rather than the correct result.

Looking For Tips? Our Goals Galore and both teams to score tips for this weeks games can be found on our dedicated BTTS tips page here.

Who offers Goals Galore?

Betfred are the backbone and trademark to the term ‘Goals Galore’ betting market and they have been running this format since early 2009. Since the integration of the market many other bookmakers have come up with very similar formats – some identical – but under a different branding. Others, whilst offering the service, have simply set a market on each match and you can then add them to a coupon as you please.

How does Goals Galore work?

To start with you will get a list of around 50 games for that football game week. Games are often found over the weekend and can range in terms of kick of times, dates and even leagues. Some companies add in foreign games as well to bolster the coupon but generally the leagues are UK based or International games if they happen to fall on such a game week.

From the list you then need to choose a minimum of 3 games of which you think both teams will score (the winner of the match doesn’t matter). The more games you pick the higher the odds will be. The maximum amount of games you can pick is 15 on any one coupon. The pay-outs for each section are as follows:

  • 3 correct = 7/2
  • 4 correct = 6/1
  • 5 correct = 12/1
  • 6 correct = 20/1
  • 7 correct = 33/1
  • 8 correct= 55/1
  • 9 correct = 80/1
  • 10 correct = 150/1
  • 11 correct = 250/1
  • 12 correct = 350/1
  • 13 correct = 600/1
  • 14 correct = 1000/1
  • 15 correct = 1500/1

The odds are fixed for each accumulator and the betting company will likely work it each week so that games are on a pretty even keel.

Goals Galore Strategy & General Tips

The Goals Galore markets can be extremely profitable. By diving into your coupon and just selecting any random games is almost certainly not going to get you that lucrative payday. We have come up with a few betting tips that you can follow to hopefully maximise your edge each week.

  1. Don’t shoot for the stars and go for 15 correct games. To make consistent money you want to be looking at about 4 or 5 games max. It won’t get you rich quick – unless you wager big – but it will keep your bankroll steadily ticking over and actually give you a reasonable chance of success
  2. Use a stats based website such as 365Stats or the Betfair form guide to look at how each team in the tie perform both home and away. Try and find games where in the last two home games both teams have scored and for the away team, the last two away games both teams have scored. Finally look and make sure there are no 0-0 results in their last 4 outings.
  3. Look at previous meetings between the teams and see if there is a history of goals. Remember we need both teams to score so bear this in mind when checking this market.